Does this service cost me anything?

No. The service is completely free to use for both the app and web version

How do I pay?

Scan, pay and go! Click the scan a qrcode button, then scan the qrcode located at your table. You will then be given access to your check to review it, apply a tip, pay and leave at your leisure!

How do I scan a QR code?

Press Scan to pay. You will be prompted to either take a picture with your camera or upload a previously taken picture of the qrcode, then you will have access to your current check

Why am I asked to allow access to the camera?

Without permission, we cannot access your camera and therefore can’t scan a qrcode.

What if I decline camera access?

You will then have to either search for your check by entering the check number or manually take a picture of the qrcode with your phone’s native camera and upload it.

How do I get my check number?

You can ask the restaurant staff to provide you with your check number for your current order

Do I need to download the app to pay?

You can use the web version to pay as well as the app. However points are only earned by using the app.

What if I forget to pay before leaving the restaurant?

Don’t worry, your check will be closed automatically on your behalf and you will receive an email the following day with the paid amount and a default 20% tip applied to it.

Is the service safe?

Security and user experience are our main priorities. This way of paying for your check is safer than handing out your credit/debit card to someone. With our service your card information is encrypted, stored, and protected within our service.